Wednesday, October 16, 2013


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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Three receive new prosthetic limbs at Jasper Clinic in Pignon

I recently I took a trip to Pignon. While there  I had the opportunity to spend time at the Jasper Clinic watching the process as they worked on prosthetic legs for 3 patients that had been brought to Pignon the day before.  

Madame Pierre Camele is a diabetic she lost her legs 5 years ago and has been dependent on her children ever since.  She is hoping that a new prosthetic limb will allow her to be more independent and maybe live on her own again. 

Bien- Aime Lameuse is 28 years old he lost his leg  5 years ago in an electrical accident at the hospital where he works. He has been dependent on friends in the Dominican Republic to assist him with finding food and living. He is hoping that a new prosthetic leg will allow him to become independent and find work.  

Madame Mildred Benoit lost her leg in a truck accident.  She has an older prosthetic leg that was adjusted and fixed using a old ten penny nail.  This nail has rubbed on her skin and caused a ulcer.  She lives with her husband who is a teacher and 6 children.  She is hoping a new leg will help her ulcer heal and allow her to continue to care for her husband and children. 

             In Picture Madame Mildred Beniot, Bien-Aime Lameuse and Madame Pierre Camele. 
                                 Working on new Prosthetic Leg for Madame Beniot
                                          Madame Beniot learning to walk on her new leg.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Consider bringing following items to PIgnon when you go

When you come to Pignon please bring sheets, blankets, pilows, pillow cases to leave at the dorm to help restock the items that are there. 
If you have a little extra room in your suitecase please consider bringing one or two of these items for the dorms to help replace or restock items.  Please also make Adele or Gyrlene aware that you have brought items for the dorm so they can be marked.
drinking glasses
coffee pots
ice trays
2-5 gallon water jug/container
kitchen utensils
xtra large trash can bags- ( 55 gallon )
dish towels/pot holders
bed Pillows
large mixing bowls
food serving bowls
duct tape
paper tablets and printer paper for administration
trash cans
trash bags- 55 gallon size

Thank you


This reflection about Promise For Haiti's mission work was shared by a board member.
An intuitive comparison of the words spoken by Jesus to the blessings in Pignon makesone think of the good works performed.

Matthew 11:5. The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy arecleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor. 
"I am thinking of:

 The Eye clinic-1236 Patients seen, 774 Eye glasses dispensed, 74 Eye surgeries performed.
The Jaipur Limb Clinic - 83 limbs to 75 patients

The Vaginal Fistula surgeries-15 modern day "lepers" treated and Haitian surgeons trained to carry on this work. 

Five Loaves and the good news it proclaims to the poor. " 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June Partners meeting

                                    HELD IN JUNE! 
                                                          (reported by Denny Brand)

The Partner's meeting was held in Minneapolis, MN on June 1. There were 29 people who were in attendance.  As I think about this meeting, I am reminded of a chorus that has a line "there's a sweet, sweet, spirit in this place."  The spirit was truly there.  I have attended many meetings over the years with PFH/CBP, but have never attended one that was more enjoyable and fun.  People were meeting people who they knew about because of the mission, but had never met face to face.  People were hearing from all of the leaders who shared enthusiastically their part of the mission.  It was rewarding to have medical staff, construction leaders, and educators join together and share ideas on how we can work together to make this mission stronger. I think everyone who was there, left the meeting feeling appreciated, respected, and energized to do even more than they are now.

Those who attended the meeting and took part were:

Siri Fieberger, Fargo, ND - President of the PFH board and Fargo Surgical Team
Denny Brand, Pella, IA -Executive Director and a member of the Board and Task Force
Fr. Jethro Noel, Pignon, Haiti - member of the CBP Board
Adele Romelus,Pignon, Haiti - Deputy Director of the mission
Tim Brand,Spencer , IA - Executive Director of MH4H
Paul Severson, Deerwood, MN -Project Haiti
Dean & Paula Van Roekel, Sioux City,IA - Sunnybrook Church
Jeff and Pam Van Sant, Pella, IA - vehicle maintenance
Art Trask, Springfield, MO- Surgical team/ACS
John and Polly Collier, Houston, TX - Biomed training
Dr. Guy Theodore, Pignon, Haiti - Founder of the mission and Field Director
Doug Grunder, Mt. Vernon, IA -Board member, Task force, and Health Development Account ministry
Sue Ishee, Nashville,TN - Board member and Treasurer of PFH
Jim Birong, Carrollton,OH - Board member and Dental Clinic
Bev Brand ,Pella, IA - H.E.L.P. Educational  Program
Georgia Default, Fargo, ND - Fargo Surgical team and supply shipping
Lorrie Beauchamp Berg, Fargo, ND - Volunteer Coordinator, Fargo surgical team and nursing education
Herb and Lucy Sikkink,Hinckley, MN - Septic system and work projects
Ron Nomeland,Fargo, ND - Board member and Secretary of Board
Phil and Jan Wineland, Sioux City, IA - Sunnybrook Church

I want to express a big thank you to everyone for joining us in our Partner's meeting.  The reports were informative and the discussions that followed were excellent.

I am excited to see how the Lord is going to use all of us to further his kingdom through this mission.